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RCMP Patrol Cruisers

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Patrol Cruisers - MacDonald and Laurier

Specifications Vessel / Model
Length: 120' WL / 45"
Beam: 21' / 7.9"
Draught: 7.5' / 2.8"
Speed: 12 KTS / N/A
Armament: 1-6 PDR Q.F. Gun / N/A

This drawing is offered on two sheets at 1/32 scale (3/8” = 1’). General arrangement profile, plan and hull lines are included.

General History
RCMP MacDonald and Laurier (Law-ree-ay) entered service at Quebec City in 1936. They then engaged in anti-smuggling and other similar operations, one being employed on each coast. Upon the outbreak of World War Two in September 1939, both vessels were transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy and served in various capacities, most commonly as patrol vessels in harbour approaches at Halifax and Prince Rupert, British Columbia. With the war’s end in 1945, both were then transferred to the Department of Fisheries to serve together on the west coast until their retirements in the early 1980’s. McDonald was renamed NORWAY during this period and both were disarmed, although their outward appearance remained much the same.

Pictures courtesy of RCMP Learning.