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If you are a regular visitor to our site and you haven't seen many changes or updates, we apologize! All projects are underway and we are working to have them completed soon. The expansion into our increased space is ongoing. We have opened the expanded space but are still placing all of our fixtures, racks and products throughout the entire expanse. The integration of our online store to our real life inventory. As our store specializes in thousands of different things but not great quantities of things, it is crucial to serve you better that our online sale items reflect...

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This Weeks Product Tip - January 3

For this installment I would like to feature: Micromark Precision Sprue Cutters. These precise cutters feature a tweezer-like cutting action that allows users to slip in behind some of the smallest plastic parts to remove them from the sprues. Their flush surface can then allow users to take off all but the very smallest bits of material that remain on the removed part. Feedback on this product has been great! To purchase, please click HERE

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All of our in stock Board Games are 20% off. We have a number listed on the site plus other in the store. Shop early for best selection!

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Model rocketry is an exciting low-medium cost hobby that has been enjoyed for over 60 years! The Hobby Centre over its 30 year history has been involved in public and group rocket displays and supplied various Scouting and Cadet groups with bulk rockets. There seems to be a declining awareness of the hobby and the rules for conducting it. Here is a site that contains the rules for the operation of model rockets in Canada. Click HERE. As you can see, it is mostly about using common sense and being responsible. We carry ESTES brand rockets. Used as instructed, these...

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Litehawk Radio Control now in stock at The Hobby Centre

We are slowly entering the world of Radio Control hobbies. With the closure of Fred Z's Dynamic Hobbies, we realized there is no one in West Ottawa that carries radio controlled items. As it has been many years since we carried items of this nature, we elected to start with LITEHAWK products. Why? They are distributed to us from Toronto, so orders can be received quickly. LITEHAWK is a low to mid-range price line, with a lot of nice features AND spare parts for those inevitable breaks. Many radio controlled products in this price range are "break it and toss...

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