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There Aren't Enough Young People in the Hobby!

Posted by William Chappell on

Really? Definitely the numbers are lower for persons under say, 40 years old and the most common reason given is that they're "too addicted to their electronics". You can't argue with the numbers. But there is an uptick in interest in hobbies, for all ages, no doubt in part due to the current Covid pandemic and  that we all have time to do them as we are forced to be creative about things we can do at home. And the best thing is that when the youth do take up the hobby, they do so in a big way!

Please check out Panzermeister36 on YouTube . Evan is a young man who excels in the hobby and has mastered the art of weathering armour models. He's giving masterclasses to us old guys, demonstrating how it's done with all the modern tools and techniques: 

Into Railroads? SMT Mainline is the product of a young man who is passionate about model railways. He buys them, he fixes them, he runs them and he tours all the local shops and shows. Check out his YouTube channel. You can't help but be impressed:

If you know of other "younger" hobbyists that are putting it out there like this, please share.

And please support them. It costs nothing. Hit the "Like" button, "Subscribe". It helps to encourage them in their efforts and with the number of views and subscribers these guys are getting, it can't but help the hobby in positive ways!