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Magazines in Stock

Posted by William Chappell on

You can't always come into the store as often as you would like but you don't want to miss your favourite hobby magazine? We will post this list, constantly updated, of the titles that have arrived. If you see anything you want, email us hobcen@rogers.com with which title(s) you would like. Mail subscriptions can be expensive due to high postal rates. You can be selective of which issue(s) you want in the store and you can get a magazine in good condition that hasn't gotten mangled in the post.

Just as anything else we sell at the store, prepayment can be made via paypal, eTransfer or Credit Card over the telephone. Contactless curbside pick-up can then be conducted or if you are out of town we can mail them to you.

Did you know that for 35 years we have offered a subscription/hold service? Your favorite titles are held for you and you simply ask for them when you want to purchase them.

*Magazine titles are linked to their web sites in case you're not sure which title you are looking at.

Currently on Offer:

Finescale Modeler March
Chess for Beginners
Model Railroader March
Aviation Archive - Vietnam War
N Scale Magazine Mar/Apr
Finescale Modeler April
Airfix Annual 2021
Model Railroader April
Wargames Illustrated Feb
Tamiya Model Magazine Jan
Tamiya Model Magazine Feb
Tamiya Model Military Jan
Tamiya Model Military Feb
Tamiya Model Airplane Jan
Tamiya Model Airplane Feb
Finescale Modeler May
meng AFV Modeler Mar/Apr
Meng Air Modeller Feb/Mar
Model Railroader May
Model Railroad News May
Flypast April
Aeroplane Monthly March 
Classic Military Vehicles  March
Scale Aviation Modeler Dec
Crafts Beautiful March
Scale Military Modeller Dec
Model Aircraft International Dec
All About History - Roman Britain
Aviation Archive - Hawker Aircraft
Radio Control Car Action May
Model Engineers Workshop #301
Wargames Illustrated March
Tamiya March
Tamiya Aircraft March
Tamiya Military March
Military Modelcraft March
Airfix Model World April 
Combat Aircraft April
Hornby April
British Railway Modelling Spring
Air International March
Hercules Special
Ancient Warfare Vol XIV Issue 4
Scale Aircraft Modelling March
Warships   March
Record Collector  Queen
Britain at War March
Model Cars #208
N Scale Magazine May/June
Flying Scale Models                                                 April
Railroad Model Craftsman                                      May
Model Railway Journal                                            #282
Model Boats                                                            April 
Railfan & Railroad                                                  May
Toy Soldier Collector                                              April/May

  100 days of Knitting                                                #3

Meng Air Modeller Apr/May
Building Muscle Cars - Finescale Special
Britains Model Trains 2021 2021
Model Airplane News  Jun
Modern Military Aviation - Spy Planes 42
Model Railroader June
Model Railroader : Best of Industries 2021
Flypast May
Scale Aviation Modeler Jan
Classic Military Vehicles April
Scale Military Modeler Jan
Model Aircraft International Jan
Woodcarving #180
Aeroplane April
Wargames Illustrated April
Model Engineers Workshop #302
Classic Rock May
Crafts Beautiful April
Military Modelcraft April
Airfix May
Combat Aircraft May
Hornby Magazine May
British Railway Modelling April
Air International April
Britain at War April
Warships   April
Record Collector : Led Zeppelin