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Hobby Centre Merchandise Page

Posted by William Chappell on

Here you can find all of our exclusive Hobby Centre branded merchandise!

Ceramic 35th Anniversary Mug

Hobby Centre Tote Bag - get ready, 2021 is the year we will be discontinuing plastic bags! Reinforced with handy front pocket.

Hobby Centre T-Shirts - quality durable Hanes brand

Hobby Centre Sanding Stick - waterproof, 4 different grits on each

Hobby Centre Fine Paintbrushes - set of 4 Kolinsky Synthetic brushes, 10/0, 5/0,3/0,2/0

Hobby Centre 3D Workbench Accessories - no tip paint and thinner holders, tool organizers, paint racks, sprue holders. All kinds fo things to improve your enjoyment of the hobby!